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How We Protect With Tucson Pest Control

Do you need some pest control tips to use in Tuscon? Pests can be a real nuisance, and sometimes they are even dangerous, so you have to deal with them. Then again, hiring a professional exterminator costs money. This is why it’s good to try and get rid of pests on your own first.

Use steel wool pieces to plug up any holes that might be entrances for pests such as mice. Mice are able to chew through many different things, but steel wool isn’t something they can chew their way through. You should stuff up any opening larger than half an inch.

Start with the fundamentals. A great way of eliminating household pests is getting rid of whatever they thrive on. That’s usually shelter, water, and food.

Keep bugs from even entering a home via use of an outdoor perimeter spray. Spray the foundation, porches, steps, windows, and doors. While you do this, look out for crevices or cracks that pests might use to come into the home. Caulk up these areas to seal them.

Fresh mint leaves are a natural repellent for mice and a lot of other small critters. Buy some mint plants to place around your home, or even plant them around your home’s foundation.

Be sure you rinse out anything that you intend to recycle. Always rinse out soda cans that might have sugar residue. This will let you safely store your recyclables until collection day without attracting pests.

If these pest control tips don’t help you get your Tuscon business back under control, fear not. There are many more DIY pest control tactics you can use, or you can just find a local exterminator who is a professional in handling such matters. The peace of mind alone can be worth the time and money.

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